How Can You Benefit?

Consider this: If you spend just 15 minutes searching for something every day, (a business card, that screwdriver to tighten a loose knob, the childrens' rain boots, the cookbook you were thrilled to purchase...) at the end of the year you will have spent over 90 hours searching. That's two work weeks! Wouldn't you rather a 2 week vacation? How about: two dance classes every week, or ice skating through those winter weekends& the beach throught the summer?

If your clutter is multiplied by working at home & children, you can easily double the occasions you spend those precious 15 minutes searching. Reclaim that time, and you've found that precious half hour to go jogging each morning -- and maybe even a bubble bath on Sundays! We'll find the time for YOU.

Professional Organization for Home, Work,
& Even Play!


GBM Cleaning specializes in returning your time, your peace, and your sanity. Our Organization Experts are trained to help you understand your needs, and create a system that best suites you. More importantly, our experts will show you how to implement these systems in your every day life. We never place the same system in two homes. We try to learn about your lifestyle & the routines of you and your family, so that we can build a system that works with your habits, instead of against them. This way, you'll actually stay organized!


Whether you work from home with no staff, or you manage a complex with various employees and separate offices, we will help you achieve maximum efficiency. According to N.A.P.O., 1 in 4 employees currently "files" paperwork in stacks! How much time are your employees spending searching for a key to the storage room, then shuffling through it for printing paper, locating that stack of duplicate order forms, or locating a client phone number on their desk? Do you perform best under stress, in a cluttered environment? Or do you perform best when everything you need is within fingers' reach, on a clear desk? We'll fix that.


Whether it's the childrens' play area, the tinkering garage, or that once-adored scrapbooking hobby rooom, we want you to enjoy that space again. We'll transform bins of toys that go unused & smaller bins of smaller toys that get lost, into a play room that encourages children to explore with appropriate displays, and reminds them to put it all away with low shelving and proper separation. We will gladly transform the garage into a space that houses those items that aren't in every day use, but allows them to be found at a moment's notice when they are needed. After all, if we can't find what we need when we need it, what's the use in having it?