The Gingerbread Difference

At Gingerbread Man Cleaning we’re constantly growing, learning & innovating.
We knock the competition out of the water in every facet of our business, and we stay on top of emerging issues in the field, to provide you with the best service there is to offer.
We offer a comprehensive list of services, with helpful staff on hand to customize a system tailored to your needs, and put that plan into action now.

We Care About Our Earth
We are an environmentally conscious company, and make every effort to be as kind to this earth as it has been to us.

We Understand Your Needs
We also recognize that your home is your own, and each home has its own specific set of requirements. We will not lock you into using green-only products, OR into using harsh chemicals unnecessarily. Let us know which system you prefer, and we can offer Green only, standard, medical grade, or a mix!

We’re Genuine And Honest
Other companies will insist that they are eco-friendly, and charge you a premium for your green cleaning needs! When we assess charges for the use and storage of our cleaning products, we assess them based on the actual product cost. We want you to use the products that are necessary to keep your family safe and healthy, with the minimum impact on our environment. Small changes can make a big difference, and we promise to help you do your part—because we don’t just SAY we’re eco-conscious, we SHOW it.

We’re Committed And Reliable
We will never contract your service out to any other company or individual. We hand-pick the best of the crop, and ensure they are fully screened & background checked. We provide all of our staff with extensive written & hands-on training, OSHA standards, product guidelines, and a full system of support. We make a commitment to their success because we care about people, because we know you want to see a familiar face for all your service-needs, and because we know that taking the time to find and maintain the best people is the best solution for our clients, and our company.

We Offer Peace of Mind
We know it is difficult to allow someone new into your home. So, in addition to retaining the best employees, we have reputable insurance and are fully bonded. But we don’t stop there. Other companies lack proper management. When you have a problem, a question, or one of their outside-contracted service providers doesn’t make it to your appointment: What do you do? Wait. Call. And call some more. Not at Gingerbread Man Cleaning! We communicate with our staff throughout the day, ensuring that every appointment is handled in a timely matter. If you ever have a question, an emergency, or any other issue, a manager will be on call to assist you. And our managers don’t take short days. We have the most on-call service hours of any of our competitors. Rest assured, we are here for you whenever you need us. And Satisfaction is Always Guaranteed.

We Earn Your Business
Gingerbread Man Cleaning is here for the long haul. We can offer you the best prices around because we know that you’ll remain a customer for as long as you’re in the market for services. We provide top-notch service, unheard of client care, and an amazing team of professionals. We won’t over-inflate prices for any reason. We strive to keep our product costs down, our staff trained to operate at peak-efficiency, and administrative costs to a minimum, so that none of these items have to wind up on your bill. We promise that we will never sacrifice quality. Instead, we’ll ensure that proper management keeps us ahead of the game, so that we can earn your business every single time.